What if you woke up the next day with only the things that you said you were grateful for?

I read this line about a year ago, which changed the trajectory of my life. Before reading this, I did not consider how lucky I truly am. My family moved to…

I love seafood, but Im not particularly fond of crabs. I incorporated the crab in the photo to look as tho it’s escaping from the chefs table and back out into the world.

My wallpaper was inspired by simplifying nature. I love the idea of thorns and how they grow in numerous different patterns. Along my morning walks with my dog there are always thorn bushes lining the edge of the water. The side of the wallpaper is artist interpretation of water.

Blog Post -2

As a wealthy merchant in contemporary Vancouver, I would commission Claudio Silvestrin to do an open street gallery. Claudio Silvestrin is a world-renowned architect, designing homes for celebrities such as Kanye West, Giorgio Armani and Calvin Klien. Silvestrin has a minimalistic approach that is clean and calming…

Blog Post — I.

The Vancouver Mural Festival has created a sense of livelihood, community, and connection amongst Vancouverites. The Mural Festival brings people together from all walks of life, sharing a common appreciation for art and creativity. Whether you are a multidisciplinary artist or know nothing about art, the…

Katrin Shein

Wilson School Of Design — Katrin’s Blog

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